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LIANSU Group operating at the internationally market by its own estimation is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic pipes and extrusion lines in China. Engineering division of LIANSU develops, produces and supplies extrusion lines and extrusion mold for use with PVC, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). A cooperation agreement with the company iNOEX provides full integration ADVANTAGE system upon request. This solution "turnkey" will increase the range of products offered by Chinese manufacturers. Both companies are very positive about the prospects of joint cooperation, both from a technical and economic points of view. Currently, the ADVANTAGE system is equipped with its own separate work terminal now. We plan to integrate all the functions of automated controlling for dimensional changes in the control panel of LIANSU extruders in the future .


A cooperation agreement, in addition, provides for the integration of other systems and production of the iNOEX company, for example, a series of gravimetric products (SAVEOMAT) and ultrasonic measuring systems (AUREX). 

LIANSU company intends to use this partnership to strengthen its position, especially in international markets.

iNOEX company emphasizes that the use of a set of "turnkey" is preferable to the customer than upgrading at a later stage, which will undoubtedly entail higher costs.

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