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Gearless Extruder GLSS Series

Main Technical Parameters:





L/D Ratio

Screw rotating

speed (r/min)

Main motor






GLSS-50×34 50 1/34 300 78 2160 300
GLSS-65HP 65 1/35 200 118 4720 480
GLSS-65×37 65 1/37 500 276 4900 900
GLSS-80HP 80 1/35 200 197 7900 650
GLSS-80×37 80 1/37 300 298 9500 1100
GLSS-100HP 100 1/35 150 236 14700 900
GLSS-100×37 100 1/37 240 340 14000 1300
  • The application of gearless motor in the driving system helps simplify the installation and maintenance technique, save energy up to about 20%, and lower noise and vibration while in use.
  • The gearless motor perfectly solves the noise and vibration problems caused by screw running - up at high speed. As compared with conventional screw, the noise can be lowered by 30 db.
  • The production capacity of GLSS 65-35 has reached 800 kg/h, the international standard.
  • Screw running-up at high speed: The conventional single screw extruder runs below a speed of 120 r/min, while the new generation motor can reach over 350 r/min. High shear rate brings better plasticization and higher speed of material transmission, and therefore, higher output.
  • Big L/D Ratio. The L/D of the conventional extruder is 1:30 or 1:34. Our new screw has a larger L/D which is 1:35, increasing the plasticity performance when the material is transmitted at high speed.
  • Improvement of the structure of the material-falling base guarantees the feeding volume of the gearless extruder. The screw inside the feed bush has a specially designed high compressed zone and small screw pitch whose feeding transmission volume and forces ensure the stable melt pressure.
  • Special barrier screw increases the contact surface between the plastic and the barrel, which is good for plasticization. In the meantime, it has made the best use of the groove volume in order to hold more material. What's more, the non-standard barrier stops the non-plasticized material from entering so as to ensure the overall plasticization.
  • Bigger mixing volume prolongs the time when the mixed material stay inside the mixing zone to get better mixing and plasticization.
  • SIEMENS computer control.
  • It's possible to complete by Baumuller, Germany motor.

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