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Profile Mould


PVC Pipe Extrusion Mould   


Pipe Calibration Sleeve


PE/PPR Pipe Extrusion Mould


Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Mould

dw die


Liansu mold, with sophisticated technology and highly practical & experience design, ensures the precise dimension and high quality of pipe.

  • Reasonable wide flow design ensures max extrusion capacity and makes the enough maintaining time of the melt, eliminating the melt temperature difference.
  • Precise calculated and experience designed mold compression ratio ensures the reasonable mold design and mold quality.
  • Split shuttle, optimized designed by flow line, ensures a smooth and balanced flow of material.
  • Elaborately designed die core and die lip promote the melt pressure in the mold to be more balanced.
  • Design advantages above mentioned ensures the melt that go through the split shuttle to fully refused, so as to eliminate the flow splitting line.


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