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The produced melt-blown non-woven fabric has a fluffy structure, good anti-wrinkle ability, product filtration rate of more than 95%. Product width of 800 - 1600mm, which is widely used in medical and health materials and other fields.
Melt blown fabric extrusion line
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LIANSU Group established in 1986 is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic pipes, profiles, as well as equipment for their production in China. Her business service network covers all major cities in China, and also in more than 30 countries around the world.
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Equipment of LIANSU Brand is exported to Europe, Asia, North and South America as well as in Africa.
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LIANSU Group has its own research center of international level, the purpose of it is not only the continued support of international standards and high technology for the manufacture of equipment and products, but also researches and implementation of new technologies in extrusion equipments and manufacture of plastic products.
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High level of automation, stable operation, the possibility of producing a multi layer products, stylish design - the qualities that make the «LIANSU» production lines could become popular around the world, for companies producing plastic products.
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LIANSU Group has 8 basic production facilities across the country, two of which are involved in the production equipment, and 6 others - production of plastic pipes, profiles, sheets, panels, and film.
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LIANSU Trademark has been certified to the international quality standard ISO-9001 and is certified according to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
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Working conditions:

  • Main body structure 80*80 mm aluminum profile structure;
  • Temperature: -10℃~40℃;
  • Humidity: 85% no condensation;
  • Power supply: 3P+N+PE;
  • Power voltage, frequency: 3Phases 380V+N+PE.

Installed with branded servo system, intelligent touch screen and PLC system to guarantee precise synchronization

Inside-nose-bridge inserting device controlled by servo system.
Inside-nose-bridge inserting device offered with three-dimension precision-adjustment function.

Offered with well-known domestic ultrasonic welder (15k) to guarantee high output.
Automatic tension adjustment device at the material feeding frame to ensure a stable fabric tension (optional).


Main body structure

80*80 mm aluminum profile structure

Coiler station

6 station

Max diameter of coiled material

800 mm

Tension force adjustment

spring friction plate

Tension force adjust unit

5 station

width of non woven fabric

175 mm

Embossing and slicing

Embossing and slicing

Inovance servo 1.5kw×1

Scrap material coiler

Inovance servo 0.2kw×1

Control system


Line speed

40-60 pcs/min

Bridge of mask

automatic inner setting bridge of mask

Hardness of blade


Ultrasonic frequency / power

15 KHz / 2.6 KW



Five layers of high-efficiency filtration, filters harmful substances in the air, making breathing safer.


LIANSU and iNOEX cooperation

Cooperation between the LIANSU and iNOEX companies.

The ADVANTAGE system manufactured by iNOEX, designed for automated sizing products in the manufacture of plastic pipes is not only the most popular technology modernization...