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Scheme of the  line

Scheme of the  line

This line is intended for production of PE-Aluminum Plastic Composite Pipe.



Main Technical Parameters:


Pipes range




Max output


Max speed


Total power


LSAP-32 Ø14-Ø32



200 9 180
LSAP-63 Ø20-Ø63



200 8 195


  • The line is based on single-screw extruders for the polyethylene (HDPE) or PEX pipes (screws with thermoregulation must be replaced).
  • Extrusion die: unique co-extrusion technology ensures the high-quality and stable co-extrusion; application of ultrasonic welding unit with stable performance, flat welding and good quality.
  • Aluminum strip assist equipments: Equipped with aluminum strip connection machine to ensure the aluminum strip welding in high quality and manufacturing in continuous state, furthermore, aluminum strip forming platform ensures the aluminum strip forms well.
  • Double-station winder: with auto correcting, auto displacement and auto discharge function, which help to save time and labor. This set is with tension adjusting function to ensure the winding quality; furthermore the station speedy changing function ensures the continuous manufacturing.
  • Easily replaced rolls of PTFE for aluminum foil forming.
  • Total computer control - SIEMENS Simatic S7-300 (Germany) with a multilingual interface and color touchscreen.
  • Motor and feeder speed control - converter ABB.
  • Solid state relay - CELDUC, France.
  • Contactor, breaker - SIEMENS, Germany.


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