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This line is intended for production of PE/PVC Single-wall Corrugated Hose Pipes.


 Main Technical Parameters:


Pipes range




Max output


Max speed


Total power


Line length


LSBP-50PE Ø20-Ø50 LSS65-30 100 30 75 10
LSBP-50PVC Ø20-Ø50 LSE-45 90 15 60 10


  • Enclosed track design and no chain connected between mold blocks to facilitate the replacement of mold block.
  • Mold block is through 40Cr nitrogen treatment, more wear-resistant, durable.
  • Pipe is forming by air pressure.
  • Forming mold block is water cooling, with better cooling effect.
  • Corrugator is with protection device for power cut off and axis broke off, once the mentioned accidents happened, the corrugator with auto set back to disconnect the mold block and machine head function.
  • With a double-station winder.
  • The line can be equipped with steel wire unwinding device for pipes with a probe.
  • Main motor - Hengli or Siemens.
  • Total computer control - SIEMENS Simatic S7-300 (Germany) with a multilingual interface and color touchscreen.
  • Motor and feeder speed control - converter ABB.
  • Solid state relay - CELDUC, France.
  • Contactor, breaker - SIEMENS, Germany.


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