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Scheme of the PPR Standpipes line

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Scheme of the Reinforced PPR Pipes line

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This line is intended for production of standpipes and reinforced pipes from PPR.


Main Technical Parameters:

Pipes range, mm Ø16-Ø63 Ø20-Ø110 Ø40-Ø160
Extruder model LSS65-34 LSS80-34 LSS80-34
Max output, kg/h 180 280 280
Max speed, m/min 15 8 8
Total power, kW 120 220 230
Line length, m 37 39 39


  • Specified screw design for better material plasticizing and mixing effect so as to guarantee the good quality pipe manufacturing.
  • Filter type die structure for material further plasticizing, manufacturing pipe of better mechanical properties.
  • Cooling calibrators with water ring speeded up linear speed of 30-40%.
  • Automatic control of water level and water temperature to avert of PPR pipe brittle cracking during the application procedure.
  • High wear resistance of the pulling device ensures stable operation and high speed pulling the pipe without slippage.
  • Full-automation swarfless cutting unit, featured with speedy and smoothly cutting, no swarf produced.
  • Co-extruder for the color strip.
  • The possibility of manufacturing a multilayer glass fiber reinforced pipe.
  • The highest level of automation - at the request of the customer, this line can be completed with a gravimetric control system INOEX, which will reach a stable wall thickness and constant weight meter pipe. It will also save up to 5% of raw materials.


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